All Collectibles Walkthrough - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Welcome to my Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Walkthrough! Though the game originally came out for the PlayStation 2 (and that version is the one that I initially played and am familiar with), this guide uses the very similar PlayStation 3 version that comes packaged with the Jak & Daxter HD Collection for the purposes of improved graphics.

This walkthrough covers the vast majority of the content in the game. This includes collecting all of the Precursor Orbs, Power Cells, and Scout Flies, as well as triggering many (sometimes optional) cutscenes and audio transmissions for additional audiovisual story content.

If you're concerned with Trophies, this guide will (indirectly or otherwise) show you how to get all of the following Trophies:

= Story Trophies =
- Open Sez Me
- Zoom!
- Zoom Zoom!
- Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!
- Set Me Free!
- No, Set Me Free!
- Hey, Set Me Free!
- Set Me Free Already!
- Top of the Heap

= Sidequest Trophies =
- Yee Haw!
- Shiny Happy Steeples
- Hand Over Fish
- Eggs Over Hard
- Pop Goes the Lurker
- Tonight's Featured Event
- Catch as Catch Can
- Green Thumb
- Purple Pain
- I Got The Blues
- Speedy Fast
- Twist and Shout
- Hungry?
- The Lead Zeppelin
- Kerblamm!
- It's Dark in Here
- It's Cold Out Here

= Boss Trophies =
- Black Thumb
- De-Klawwed
- Battle Hardened

= Collection Trophies =
- Gimmee That!
- Power Lunch
- Power Chords
- Maximum Power!
- Buzzin'
- Buzzed
- Totally Buzzed Out!
- The Orbist
- The Oberator
- The Super Oberator

If you want, you can view the YouTube playlist with this link.

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