How do I make an authored guide?

First you must be logged in.

Go to the game you want to make a guide for. (If the game doesn’t exist yet click here)

In the left navigation box for that game click Guides. (If there isn’t a Guides link you must add a guides list. On the Game Home Page, scroll to the bottom and click "Add Guide List". Enter the name of the Game in the auto-fill box and select the correct game from the dropdown list. Click Save.)

On the bottom of the guides list, there is a button that says "Add Guide".

This page will be the main page of your guide.
- In the Title field, write the title of your guide e.g. Veteran Difficulty Walkthrough
- In the Game Name field start typing the name of the game and it should come up. You must choose the correct game, or else your guide won’t show up.
- There is a drop down for Percent Complete, if you aren’t making the guide all at once.
- Check any radio buttons that apply for the Guide Details.
- Check radio button for the Guide Type.
- In the body you can put whatever you want, it will be the main page of your guide.
- You could post your whole guide, the basics about the game, or links to other pages in you guide

Once you made your main page, you can make sub-pages. You can make as many sub-pages as you need. For example you could make a sub-page for World 1, and sub-pages under that for levels within World 1.

To make sub-pages, click Add Guide Sub Page on the page you want it under.
For example, if you want to make a page for World 1, you click Add Guide Sub Page on the main page of your guide. If you want to make a page for Level 1 within World 1, you click Add Guide Sub Page on the World 1 page.

Each Sub-Page will need to be given a Title. It will also need to be linked to the correct game. Once you create a sub-page, it will go into a moderation queue to make sure it is linked to the right guide.

The Body field is where your guide goes. You can add text, pictures, and video. There are tools at the top of the box to help you add different types of content or help you with formatting.

You can also click Switch to plain text editor if you are familiar with HTML and want to edit the code.

In the body field:
Youtube and google video links are automatically converted into embedded videos.

That’s the basics to getting started making your guide.

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