Silent Assassin Rating - Professional Difficulty Guide - Hitman: Contracts

"Be lucky it isn't a suppository!"

Welcome to my Silent Assassin rating guide for Hitman: Contracts!  It will be performed on the highest difficulty setting, which is aptly labeled "Professional" difficulty.  This means there are no mid-mission saves, the AI proves to be much smarter, you are allowed less equipment and you are only allowed one alert per mission.  No close calls, no civilian kills, and one enemy guard kill allotment.  

I'm slowly working my way through the entire Hitman series in this manner and I hope you find my videos informative and enjoyable.  Thanks for watching. 


  1. Asylum Aftermath
  2. The Meat King's Party
  3. The Bjarkhov Bomb
  4. Beldingford Manor
  5. Rendezvous in Rotterdam
  6. Deadly Cargo
  7. Traditions of the Trade
  8. Slaying a Dragon
  9. The Wang Fou Incident
  10. The Seafood Massacre
  11. The Lee Hong Assassination
  12. Hunter and Hunted (Final)

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