Hitman: Contracts


"Hitman: Contracts" is the third installment in the well renowned Hitman franchise.  Reprising your role as the genetically enhanced clone, Agent 47, you find yourself performing assassinations at different locations across the globe.  Several of the missions in this title are remade from popular missions in the first Hitman game, "Hitman: Codename 47."  

This game was released for several platforms including PlayStation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Windows.  It was eventually re-released as part of the Hitman HD Collection on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  After some issues with music licensing it was also released on the game client "Steam."

The events of this game actually take place immediately after the "Curtains Down" mission; the second level in the proceeding Hitman title, "Hitman: Blood Money."  Agent 47 is shot and as he reaches his hotel room he begins to have flashbacks of his previous hits, which act as the missions throughout the game.  

One of the better Hitman titles, you should definitely pick it up on Steam or as part of the Hitman HD Trilogy.


Xbox 360
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3

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