02 The King of Chinatown - Hitman: Absolution wiki

Chameleon - Collect the following Disguises: Chicago Police Officer, Market Vendor, Dealer, Chicago SWAT Officer

Evidence Collector - Collect the evidence.

Infiltrator - Complete the chapter without being spotted.

Suit Only - Complete the chapter without using a disguise.

Kaboom - Messy but effective. Kill the target with a remote explosive.

A Killing View - Target eliminated with a sniper rifle, from the dealer's apartment.

Controlled Detonation - Kill only the target. Use the remote explosive near the King's car to kill only him. The cop in the body dump will be unharmed.

Man Down - Kill the target by pushing him down a hole. The "hole" is the cargo floor opening near where the King eats his free poisoned sushi.

Drop Dead - Accidental kill by dropping the suspended cargo on the target. Do it where he stops to urinate by the level exit.

Two for the Price of One - Get the Kazo TRG sniper rifle from the dealer's apartment and kill both the dealer and the King in one shot.

Clean Sweep - Evidence recovered. 47 remains undetected.

Don't Do Drugs - Poison the target's drugs. Use the Fugu Fish and poison the stash in the dealer's apartment.

Hot Coffee Place - Fugu Fish poison into the King's coffee at the pagoda.

Let's Do Lunch - Place Fugu Fish poison in the King's sushi, near where you can push him down the cargo hole.

Master Poisoner - Complete Hot Coffee, Don't Do Drugs and Let's Do Lunch

Quid Pro Quo - Clear mission

Veiled Death Part 1 - Eliminate the target and dealer with a stealth-based point-shoot in the dealer’s apartment while wearing a policeman's uniform.

Veiled Death Part 2 - Eliminate the target in the dealer's disguise near where the King urinates by the exit.

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