Four Heroes Walkthrough - Heavy Rain

Intro - 'Four Heroes' Silver Trophy

Chapter One

Prologue (Part One) - 'Happy Birthday' Bronze Trophy
Prologue (Part Two) - 'Happy Birthday' Bronze Trophy
The Mall
Father and Son (Part One) - 'Good Father' Bronze Trophy
Father and Son (Part Two) - 'Good Father' Bronze Trophy
Sleazy Place - 'Private Eye' and 'White Knight' Bronze Trophies
Crime Scene - 'FBI Investigator' Bronze Trophy & 'Nerd' Silver Trophy
The Shrink
The Park - 'Good Friends' and 'Got to Remember!' Bronze Trophies
Where's Shaun?
Welcome, Norman! (Part One) - 'Got to Remember!' Bronze Trophy
Welcome. Norman! (Part Two)
Welcome, Norman! (Part Three) - 'Got to Remember!' Bronze Trophy
Hassan's Shop - 'Negotiator' Bronze Trophy

Chapter Two

Sleepless Night
Paparazzi - 'VIP' Bronze Trophy
Lexington Station - 'Agoraphobia' and 'Lucky Locker' Bronze Trophies
The Motel
Kick Off Meeting
Nathaniel - 'Blunder' and 'Self Control' Bronze Trophies
Suicide Baby (Part One) - 'Baby Master' Bronze Trophy
Suicide Baby (Part Two)
The Bear - 'Kamikaze' and 'Good Driver' Bronze Trophies
First Encounter
Covered Market - 'Cat & Mouse' Bronze Trophy

Chapter Three

A Visitor
Kramer's Party - 'Tough Guy' Bronze Trophy
The Butterfly (Part One)
The Butterfly (Part Two) - 'Coward!' and 'Electrified' Bronze Trophies| The Nurse
Police News
Shrink and Punches - 'Good Cop' and 'Bad Cop' Bronze Trophies
The Golf Club
The Lizard - 'Gold Finger' and 'Butcher' Bronze Trophies
Fugitive (Part One) - 'Fugitive' and 'Hands Up!' Bronze Trophies
Fugitive (Part Two)
Jayden Blues - 'Ludwig Von' and 'Detox' Bronze Trophies

Chapter 4

Manfred (Part One)
Manfred (Part Two)
The Shark - 'I'm a Killer' and 'I'm not a Killer' Bronze Trophies
The Doc (Part One) - 'Smart Girl' Bronze Trophy
The Doc (Part Two) -'Queen of Ropes' Bronze Trophy
Mad Jack (Part One) - 'Nerd' Silver Trophy
Mad Jack (Part Two) - 'Goodbye Mad Jack' Bronze Trophy
Eureka - 'The Chef' Bronze Trophy
The Cemetery
Twins - 'I'm Not Scared!' Bronze Trophy
Flowers on the Grave
Sexy Girl (Part One)
Sexy Girl (Part Two) - 'Pride Saved' Bronze Trophy
Fish Tank - 'Nerd' Silver Trophy

Chapter Five

On the Loose - 'Unforgivable', 'Lover Boy', and 'Escape Master' Bronze Trophies
Trapped - 'Swimming Instructor' Bronze Trophy
Face to Face - 'Invincible Scott' and 'Kind Hearted' Bronze Trophies
Ann Shepard
The Rat - 'Sacrifice' and 'Clever Dad' Bronze Trophies; 'Trial Master' Silver Trophy
Solving the Puzzle
Goodbye Lauren
Hold My Hand
Origami Killer
Killer's Place - 'Cold as Ice' Bronze Trophy

Chapter Six

The Old Warehouse (Part One) - 'Simple Mind', 'So Close', 'Heavy Rain Hero' Bronze Trophies & 'Four Heroes', 'Saved the Kid', 'Perfect Crime' Silver Trophies & 'All Endings' Gold Trophy
The Old Warehouse (Part Two)

Bonus Videos

Freeing Ethan if Caught in 'Fugitive' or 'On the Loose' - 'Wise Guy' Bronze Trophy
Concluding Thoughts and Advice - General play-through advice and discussion on how decisions in Heavy Rain effect outcomes in all facets

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It's very sad that i can not watch with yours video player provided
and the walk-through in youtube only reach to Chapter 4 Manfred (Part Two)
Could you upload the rest of them to youtube please?
(Sorry about my bad english)

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