Drink Along w/Dan and John - Halo: Combat Evolved

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This was fun. Thanks a lot for streaming and uploading. This one would really appreciate another session.

10 years ago - damn this is quite a while.

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I like how every time Dan is waiting to respawn John just waits wherever he is a teabags the ground even if the game says there is still enemies around and it always works.


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So, why didn't you wait for the remake?

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Halo Anniversary is just Halo: CE with Halo: Reach graphics. Their words, not mine.

Also, there's virtually nothing releasing this summer.

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Awesome session! Keep up the good work with the Drink A Long's fellas!

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This was so funny when do they do a live stream? like how often and how long have they done this kind of thing? i miss this game 

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When was the livestream

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they're so bad at times it's kinda crazy to think that John has done so many legendary guides. haha but it was entertaining :) looking forward to the rest.

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this makes me want to play thought all the halo games 

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for a moment i though you edited the begining! sure fooled me...

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When and where do you live stream ??

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not that im badmouthing anything but i forgot how the graphics looked makes notice how far we came in about 15 years


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Is it me or are Dan and John really fond of grenades?

Loving Everything you do and keep going at it!


Game On

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Unlike the FEAR 3 Drink Along, you both appear like the same amount of asshole. Maybe Dan is slightly more based on him randomly punching John in the back at the end.

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Btw.  343 industries just released a short sneak peak of a Halo CE Anniversary demo. Thought it might fit in here: So wether you're interested how the scenes of the livestream will look in CE A, take a look at this one:



11-15-11 :)

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Session 2 is Live Streaming tonight July 22 at 8PM MST.

Follow us on twitter for updates about when we're Live Streaming.



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I'm not sure if someone asked this already, will you be doing a drink along for the anniversary edition? Do you guys think they'll do an anniversary edition for Halo 2 in 2014?

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Liara T'Soni was the blue chick in mass effect 1 and 2 and she is a squad member in dlc of mass effect 2

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Can I be in the next drink along

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