Drink Along Session 5 - Halo: Combat Evolved

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Looking forward to it.  Have the stream prepped and a beer in hand.

Damn.  This was a good one too.  We were talking about shemales and preggo porn.

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 I tuned into this last night. But I couldn't watch it because my netbook is a piece of shit and couldn't keep up with both the video and the chat.

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you should make some sort of a countdown clock just so that people in different timezones know whats up that much quicker

indi's picture

Cool thing you are redoing it, especially with the choppy audio it was impossible to enjoy.

kwacka100's picture

I second whatscripplin's notion

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Nice, I will be looking forward to it.

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Are you going to do some Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet as well? I really liked it but, it was horrible laggy too.

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 Really? Why don't you just leave the vid? I was like 2 hours in! Nooooooo! I forgive u guys tho.

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Any idea when session 5 is gonna come?

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had an idea: pick a person (preferably random). when they die, take a drink. when both die, two drinks

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awesome i missed the last ones looking forward too this one tonight

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Yay you guys actually talked about 2 of my comments.

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so is the live stream still on ?becuse it says live and the chat on youtube is still on

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This video isn't actually working, probably because youtube is glitching out

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The Simpsons Drink Along ASAP!

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Chat wasnt working when u guys did hang em high that's y it was silent

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You guys should do a Desert Bus drink along.

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a drink along about a drink along :p 

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