Drink Along Session 4 - Halo: Combat Evolved

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i havent even watched it yet and already i know im going to lose something deep inside me.

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Damnit, missed it live. Where it is written when you do it? I don't work before pretty late and should now be able to see it when it's live.

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Well, if you had posted it in the WGG site that you were going to do a Drink Along (like you did for Session 3) maybe you would have had more people watching. I know I would have watched.

I'm saying this because I created a Twitter account to follow you guys so I could watch your Drink Along live but, to my surprise, the tweets aren't sent to the email account - and I'm not constantly refreshing my tweeter page (I never go there).

Is there a way to receive an email for each tweet? And is there a way to filter them, ie, only receive the email f the content contains "Drink Along" or "Live" or something like that?

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 Loved it! Funny as shit. Encore!

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Wish I could have seen it live, but I live in Sweden and cant see the Live stream on YouTube, I just have to wait for you guys to put it up on the page and then watch it...


But man it is hard to watch John playing, running around in a circle and dont know where to go and not be able to write in a chat and tell him where to go....!

This time it was more talking than drinking.

Keep it up... ! ! !

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Is there a way to receive an email for each tweet?

I don't think so, but maybe I could set up an email list just for announcing livestreams? Or a specific WGG live Twitter account, so that you can get notifications sent to your phone when we start streaming?

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@John Tarr: I believe a mailing list would be best because Mobile Twitter isn't available in some European countries, for instance, my country. Mailing lists are universal and will always be free, though.

Thank you for taking your time with this.

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Actually, guys, you got the wrong spelling, you spell colour like you do because of some idiot after the independence war or whatever some dude decided to start spelling English words retarded in a rebellious brainwave ala a angsty teenager,

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Wow. Watching four shotgun shots for one small flood is really painful...Watching John try to shoot down banshee's with plasma weapons is even more painful...Not realizing that banshee's are incredibly easy to take down with any human weapon hurts the most.

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