Drink Along Session 3 - Halo: Combat Evolved

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god damn it you guys are entertaining:D thx for being awesome

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cant wait for this to start :) play some lol in mean time,

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Dammit I havent had time to watch the first two sessions yet slow down

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Can't wait for the third session. Featuring John getting lost, Dan getting pissed and both getting drunk.

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cant wait for more "goddamnit john!"

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I have to stay in my house, waiting, waiting, waiting.

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Hurry up!!!! I have my beer and I'm ready to go!

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do you have to be on youtube for this

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It was awesome when John got into that banshee while in midair.

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Is it over for cst

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entertaining as usual

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Chad's gonna be PISSED

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Is session 4 tonight?

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where the fuck is the levelator? during the first 2 minutes of dan vs john in multiplayer and Dan got a kill WTF? This was at 4AM and my mom walked in going like WTF?

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is that how you get ants? yes its is barry yes it is

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