Audio Log Locations and Map - Halo 3: ODST

The 30th Audio Log - Audiophile Achievement

To find the 30th audio log, you must first collect the other 29. Once you collect all 30 audio logs, you will get the Audiophile Achievement for 75G.

Kmarie0317's picture

Hi there I am somewhat of a new player, but I'm using this map to help me find all the audio logs and some of them are not showing up when I go to the location specified on the map. Logs 2 and 9 specifically. I went to the exact spot where #2 was on the video and the machine wasent lit up same with number 9, but it says on my game when I play them that I haven't missed any. They are all in order. Can someone please help me and tell me if I'm missing something or what I'm doing wrong. It would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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I have collected 28 out of 29 on the streets. i have checked each loccation several times, but still cannon find the last audiophile i need to start data hive. Anybody have any solutions? i think it may be locations 18 or 24 because they were not lit up in the first place. i have had this problem with 18 before on a different account and im sure its glitched. please let me know asap!

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