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  • Shortly after defeating the first two Hunters, go inside the building and check underneath the main ramp.


  • After your HUD starts to flicker and Cortana says it's because of her, it's at the base of a Forerunner structure.


  • After meeting up with fellow USMC soldiers, turn around before running outside and the terminal is directly behind you.


  • Near the very end of the level, you will pick up Cortana and trigger a long cutscene. After the cutscene, you will backtrack a little and a lightbridge will take you to the right. Do not enter the elevator triggering the end of the level! After the lightbridge, turn right to find the terminal.


  • After killing the 2 hunters, turn around and face the lightbridge that took you to that platform. Backtrack across the lightbridge and go to the right to a new platform. The terminal is on the backside of the isolated platform.


  • After killing the hunters and then going outside after a cutscene, look for the word "Atrium" written big up on a wall. The terminal is located in some small rocks near Atrium.


  • After the flying sequence is over, you'll fight your way through some large Promethean hallways. In the 4th large room, look behind the central structure for the final terminal.

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