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Description: Kill enemy spartans with the Assault Rifle. This can only be obtained in War Games.

Tips: If your magazine runs out when firing on an enemy, switch to your secondary to finish them off. You won't get credit for the AR kill, but you won't have to wait through the long reload animation.

                 Level                            Kills                      XP Bonus

  • [0/7] Novice                   10 kills                   250 XP
  • [1/7] Qualified               25 kills                   500 XP
  • [2/7] Proficient              50 kills                   750 XP
  • [3/7] Adept                     100 kills               1000 XP
  • [4/7] Expert                    250 kills               2500 XP
  • [5/7] Distinguished      500 kills               5000 XP
  • [6/7] Master                   1000 kills            10000XP

A total of 20,000 XP is awarded for completing the Assault Rifle Commendation.

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