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Catherine Halsey is interrogated deep within a secret ONI facility.

Mission 1 - Dawn

After four years adrift in space, Cortana awakens the Master Chief to investigate a disturbance on the Forward Unto Dawn.

Mission 2 - Requiem

Having survived the destruction of the Dawn, Master Chief and Cortana search for a way off the mysterious Forerunner planet.


Master Chief tracks the Infinity's signal to Requiem's core in the hopes of returning Cortana to Earth to address her rampancy.


Following the Didact to Infinity's crash site, Chief and Cortana descend into the surrounding swamp to rescue UNSC survivors.


Infinity sends the Master Chief and Gypsy Company to neutralize the gravity well keeping them on Requiem.


As Infinity flees Requiem and Cortana's rampancy worsens, Master Chief struggles to stop the Didact from pursuing the Composer.


The Master Chief's pursuit of the Didact leads him to a UNSC science station orbiting Halo Installation 03.


With the Composer in the Didact's possession, Chief and Cortana must destroy the device before he turns it on his next target.

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