Legendary Walkthrough - Halo 4

Part 1 - Dawn

Part 2 - Requiem

Part 3 - Forerunner

Part 4 - Infinity

Part 5 - Reclaimer

Part 6 - Shutdown

Part 7 - Composer

Part 8 - Midnight

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you can call them tron carls bc they re like if carl was in tron world

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John, I found a way for you to quit smoking.

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John, I don't get why you always say Halo games have bad checkpoints: I've never -- ever -- had any problem with checkpoints in a Halo game. I've never felt the game was screwing me up and there was nothing I could do.

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Thanks for the walkthrough, really helped me out in a couple of spots. 

Whilst I love your banter and random discussions, it's nice to have a proper walkthrough again, with a bit more strategy talk. 

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I too have a minivan which lacks a drivers side door handle

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@Pulse Cloud

Do you play on Legendary?

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I usually play on Heroic, but I've beaten every Halo game on Legendary multiple times (well, I've only beaten H4 on Legendary once, yet [today]). I also like to change my playstyle a lot: sometimes I'm very strategic, other times I'm very aggressive, I use all of the weapons sandbox, etc., so I guess I've been in many different situations that could have resulted in bad checkpoints. Never happened, though.

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I think that Master Chief eats protein bars, it gets mentioned in one of the books. You talked about his sex life, I think that he is sterile from the augmentations.

This is a serious question: what is the standard "drink" for a drink along-  a sip of liquor or a gulp of beer? What is the equivalent for a "smoke along"?

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The Mantis! REX rip off from MGS4

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It is a positive thing that they didn't innovate. All the nerds of the internet would loose their shit. And 343i knows this.

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I personally enjoy the fact that they don't constantly have a marker telling you where to go because it allows for more freedom and reminds me of Halo CE. It is certainly in great contrast to Call of Duty MW3, which has the same "follow" marker over the same character's head for the entirety of it's five hour campaign.

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The last level can be made easier by picking up the auto turret of one of the knights in that 1st group of three which you come across. Takes the dogs and light cycles out saving precious ammo for the knights.

Great guide as always Beer Baron, commentary still makes it for me keep 'em coming. Heres a cyber six pack for your efforts. 888

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Great guide, didn't really use it to help me out, more so i beat the level myself then watched you beat it with the awesome commentary. You guys rock, keep it up. 

Still waiting on the Spartan Ops drink along!

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