Terminus (All Terminal Locations) - Achievement Guide - Halo 4


Achievement Name: Terminus - 50G

Achievement Description: Found all of the Terminals in the Campaign.


* There are a total of 7 Terminal's in the game. You can find one Terminal on every level of the game except for the first mission called "Dawn". You can choose to play on any difficulty you want.

For this Guide, I have included only a Video Guide. Why? Because in my opinion, it is easier for you (the viewer) to find out where the collectible item is located in Video format, than Text format (that's why most Collectible Guides for games are in Video format only; easier to explain to the viewer). In the video, it shows you what Mission each Terminal is located on, and which Rally Point you should start at if you want to collect the Terminals faster. Good luck! Please comment if you have any questions, and let us know if the Guide was helpful. Thank you.*


Video Guide:

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Video by: http://www.Youtube.com/WarzoneGuides


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