Midnight Launch - Achievement Guide - Halo 4


Achievement Name: Midnight Launch - 20G

Achievement Description: Got significant air in the Warthog at midnight in mission 2.


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Text Guide:

- This Achievement requires you to get significant air in the Warthog at midnight in the second mission of the campaign. Now, there are two, and only two ways you can unlock this Achievement:

Online (connected to Xbox Live): This method does not require you to edit your time for anything. Just sign in and load up the second mission of Halo 4 called "Requiem", at around 11:55pm and follow the instructions below to easily unlock the Achievement!

Offline (disconnected from Xbox Live): If you're just somebody who wants this Achievement quick and easy, then this is the method for you! First, you must unplug your Ethernet cord or turn off your wireless adapter so that you will now become disconnected from Xbox Live. Being disconnected allows you to properly alter the current time on your console.

Now, to change the time, go onto your dashboard and head over to "Settings". Then select "System", "Console Settings", "Date and Time", and then "Clock". I recommend changing your time at least 5 minutes minimum before midnight (11:55pm) so that you will have enough time without having to worry.

So, once you have chosen your method, whether it be the Offline or Online method, you should now load up the second mission of the game called Requiem. The difficulty can be set to anything you'd like and no skulls need to be activated. Skip the cut-scene and quickly make your way down to the Warthog. Once in the Warthog, keep driving until you see a circular tunnel (as shown in the video at 3:51). Wait outside the entrance of that Tunnel until it hits 12:00am exactly. Then get some speed off that ramp inside the Tunnel and you should unlock your Achievement.

Hope this helps! Thank you.


Video Guide:

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