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Achievement Name: Knight in White Assassination - 20G

Achievement Description: Assassinated a Knight in any Spartan Ops mission.


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Text Guide:

- This Achievement may seem challenging at first, but it's actually quite easy to unlock. The easiest Spartan Ops mission you can unlock this on is 'Episode 1 - Chapter 4: Sacred'. You can set the difficulty to anything (Easy, Normal, Heroic or Legendary) and no skulls need to be activated while attempting to unlock this Achievement. Before you start the mission, make sure that you have included the "Active Camouflage" Armor Ability in one of your Loadouts! You can customize your Spartan Loadouts at any time by pressing 'START' and going to the 'Customize' tab.

Now, early on in the mission, you will have to go towards a waypoint which will lead you to a star map. You will then have to extract the data from the star map by activating a panel. After you have done that, a bunch of Crawlers (small crawling Promethean animals) will appear. After killing them, you will have to follow another waypoint which leads you into a hallway where you will encounter the first Promethean Knight. The second the Knight appears, quickly go invisible, sneak behind him, and assassinate him by pressing Right Bumper (RB) and the Achievement is yours!

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Video Guide:

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