Stunt Jump Locations - Grand Theft Auto 5 wiki

There are 50 stuns jumps to find in GTAV. Click the map to see a bigger version with numbered locations corresponding to the order in the video 



  • Left Stick Controls Car Midair
  • Right Stick Changes the Speed
  • Use Franklin and his special ability
  • Upgrade your car if you are struggeling to go fast enough
  • Quick Save before trying difficult to set up jumps
  • Must land on 2 wheels


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??? What's up with jumps 27 - 30 being shown twice? What jumps are excluded due to this? And where can they be found?

Also, the numbers on the map and the jumps in the video don't match until jump 28.

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Can someone urgently tell me which 2 unit stand jumps are missing - I watched the whole video for 30 minutes and still don't have the locations of all 50 of the jumps. Thanks for the 48 unit stand locations, but looks like those last 2 are the 2 unit stands I am still missing as I am on 48.


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Hi, not sure if anyone has figured it out. But if you check out this link the jumps that I was missing from the attached link are 47 and 49. I hope this helps.


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I found all jumps,but jumps 26+27 are exactly yhe same as jums 28+29. 

You can find the missing jumps in the map, one at Sany shorts are strip and one

in the middle of the freeway junction below. good luck          

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