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The Space Docker is in GTA Online! Here's how to do the car duplication glitch and own the alien car from GTA 5 in GTA Online:

Two Prerequisites:
1) Own a garage or apartment
2) Know someone who already has the Space Docker! Go to for our Space Docker Duplicating Lobby

Steps to Duplicate the Space Docker (or any car):
1) Get in passenger seat of the Space Docker
2) Call Gerald and request a job
3) Accept and begin Gerald's mission
4) Drive into the garage while on Gerald's mission
5) Fail the mission
6) Choose Freemode
7) Pass on the favor! Invite somebody else to your game so they can duplicate the Space Docker as well 

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Asfaress's picture

Hey! Add my gamer @asfaress if you have the space docker!

Ronnieice27's picture

Can some one duplicate the space docker for me on ps3 please. Add my psn ronnieice27.

Asfaress's picture

Shoot and I forgot to add @asfaress is my PSN gamer tag not xbox

Throttle's picture

if you can duplicate the space docker for me please add kG Throttle on xbox

Hum's picture

My PSN is Lt_Kum_N_Go_ i will do whaterver to get one pls

VOCALS GO BOOM's picture

My xbox gt is VOCALS GO BOOM plz friend me afternoons if possible thanks so much for help

chrisseries2's picture

Add ClutchKickr on xbox live if you have the docker. Will pay in cuddles!

kbkilla's picture

Hey i have been trying to get this because i really want it. my gamertag is X KB KiLLa31 X.


Cholden240's picture

Psn lilflipc2.... Help me out gettin the car plz

Floating Zebra's picture

Can someone dupe it with my on xbox my gamer tag is CulturedTrash

Zombitch13's picture

Kngofthe4string is my gamertag. if you have this can you please help me out? thanks!

Brian4321's picture

Lol time to join these guys. If any of you happen to have the space dock! please add me on PSN: Bad0Day0Killer ! thanks

Tom916's picture

If some could help me out and share it my Gamertag is :Oh Yupp  on xbox live.

The Mikey Day's picture

Please. Anybody help me with this glitch. It would be a huge help. GamerTag: The Mikey Day

Join now if at all possible. The sooner the better. Thanks Again. \

The Mikey Day.

Losoboso's picture

hey my xbox gamertag is S4LSA SHARK if any one can help me with this plz add me an ill make sure to pass it forword

SkIxSh0x's picture

My psn Name is : Skixsh0x
The 0 is a Zero
Pls ADd me that i can duplicate the ducker
Thanks and have a nice Day

Childish TooN's picture

Can someone please help me get the space docker my Gamer tag is Childish TooN. Thank you

Fin Suomitikru's picture

Could someone help and duplicate the space docker for me on xbox? my gamertag Fin Suomitikru

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hey, can u giv it to me 2 psn Taahoo

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FryZBoXX's picture

I really want the Space Docker.. If anyone can help me please add me, my XBL gamertag is: FryZBoXX

Jaarkelll's picture

Can this still be done? I'd like one I'm jaarkeLLL please add and message me I'd love to have one
Playstation 3

Jaarkelll's picture

Can this still be done? I'd like one I'm jaarkeLLL please add and message me I'd love to have one
Playstation 3

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