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The video above is the most recent and most efficient money making glitch. The glitch below has been patched out and no longer works!

In GTA Online, you can earn easy money by reselling the same car to Los Santos Customs an infinite number of times. This GTA Online infinite money making cheat works today, so use this cheat as much as possible until Rockstar patches it out!

To infinitely resell and earn lots of easy money in GTA Online, follow these steps:

1) Buy the Pegassi Vati from
2) Drive to Los Santos Customs, and spend as much money as possible upgrading your motorcycle
3) Launch GTA Online in an INVITE ONLY SESSION
4) Go to Los Santos Customs, pause the game, open the Xbox Games Store, then exit the Xbox Games Store
5) Your first time doing this trick, you should respawn in Los Santos Customs without your motorcycle; your ride is parked around the corner. Get your motorcycle, drive back to Los Santos Customs, pause the game again, open the Xbox Games Store, then exit the Xbox Games Store
6) You should respawn outside on your motorcycle. Drive back to Los Santos Customs, sell your motorcycle, pause, open the Xbox Games Store, then exit the Xbox Games Store
7) Now you should be back on your motorcycle that you just sold! Sell it again and again and again by repeating step 6!

You can start this glitch with any car, but the Pegassi Bati is the most profitable. You can reinvest your profits from this glitch into more upgrades for your ride so you earn more money every time you repeat the glitch.

If you get the "We're not buying cars right now" error message from Los Santos Customs, wait 48 minutes (2 days in game time) and try again.

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