Character Swap LSC Money Glitch - Grand Theft Auto 5 wiki

NEW GTA Online easy money making glitch! This GTA Online cheat works after the 1.04 patch on 10/18! This LSC Resell Character Swap glitch can earn you over $1 million in 10 minutes.

1) Set Spawn Location to Last Location
2) Take any personal vehicle to Los Santos Customs LSC that can be sold. The Ubermacht Oracle with every upgrade is the most profitable car to use for this glitch.
3) Sell the car
4) Quickly Pause, go to the Online tab, then Swap Character
5) Choose your character
6) You should be back in your car that you just sold, ready to sell the car again ang again.

If you get the "We're not buying cars right now" error message from Los Santos Customs, wait 48 minutes (2 days in game time) and try again.

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