Easily Max Your Stealth Stat - Grand Theft Auto 5

In GTA 5 (and Online), you get one point added to your stealth stat for every minute you spend walking in stealth mode. So wrap a rubber band around the joysticks on your controller and leave the game running for an hour or so, and your stealth stat will be maxed out!

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Just so people know. Your controller must be a wired controller or at least plugged in to the xbox. I was using a wireless controller and left my character walking in circles while I went to do something else and when I came back the controller had disconnected even though I was technically moving in game. Don't learn the hard way like I did and waste a lot of time. Great way to raise your stealth though.

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Oh rubber bands, where would we be without you? Thanks for the video. I'll definetly be using this.

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Tried this, got kicked from the lobby.


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