Walkthrough - God of War: Ascension

Prison of The Damned

The Sewers

The Guardhouse 

The Hecatonchires 

The Village of Kirra and The Cistern 

The Tower of Delphi 

The Python's Belly 

Ice Caverns 

The Temple of Delphi 

Delphi Catacombs 

The Oracle's Chamber 

Passage to Delphi 

The Cistern 

The Grotto 

The Harbour of Kirra 

Prison of the Damned 

Martyr's Chamber 

Delos Landing 

The Foot of Apollo 

The Gauntlet of Apollo 

The Forearm of Apollo 

The Ribs of Apollo 

The Furnace 

The Shoulder of Apollo 

The Furnace 

Eyes of Apollo 

The Lantern of Delos 

Trial of Archimedes 

The Fury Citadel 

Alecto's Chamber Final Boss Battle + Ending 

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