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Mutators alter the gameplay in a similar fashion to Halo's skulls. Some increase the difficulty, some make the game easier, and others are just for laughs. Mutators can be enabled for private matches in Horde, Arcade, etc.


These Mutators make the game easier:


Mutator Description How to Unlock
Big Explosions Explosions have a bigger blast radius.  Earn 100 "Hail Mary" ribbons.
Comet When you Roadie Run, you build up energy until you ignite in a ball of fire. Earn the Silver "Shock Trooper" medal.
Infinite Ammo Unlimited clips of ammo, but you still must reload.  Earn 100 "Combat Engineer" ribbons.
Instagib Melee Melees cause instant death. Kill 200 enemies while playing as a Wretch in Beast mode.
Super Reload Active Reloads increase weapon damage and double clip size.  Earn the Bronze "Master at Arms" medal.


These Mutators make the game tougher:


Mutator Description How to Unlock
Enemy Regeneration Enemies regenerate health. Earn the Silver "Aficionado" medal.
Friendly Fire Gunfire hurts your own team. Complete the campaign in four-player co-op.
Must Active Reload You must achieve an Active Reload to reload your weapon. Earn the Silver "Active Reloader" medal.
No Ammo Boxes No ammo boxes spawn on map.  Unlocked at start.
Vampire Health does not regenerate, but every point of damage you inflict heals you in turn. Earn 100 "Executioner" ribbons.


These Mutators are just for fun and have no effect on difficulty:


Mutator Description How to Unlock
Big Head Everyone's head is inflated to comical proportions. Earn the Gold "Horder" medal.
Flower Blood Blood looks like flowers. Earn the Silver "King of COG" medal.
Headless Chicken Enemies attack each other for several seconds after losing their heads. Unlocked at start.
Laugh Track Play as if the game was filmed before a live studio audience. Earn the Bronze "Tour of Duty," "For the Horde," "I'm a Beast," and "Warmonger" medals.
Piñata Collect tokens from every kill to earn points. Earn the Gold "Investor" medal.

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