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Name | Chapter | Location

Old Magazine Chapter 1  
Journal Chapter 2 After talking to the chief and taking the elevator, continue on and look behind the dumpster.
Fuel Order Chapter 3 In the middle of the courtyard after attempting to start the cable car.
Cog Tag Chapter 1 After the stranded dops a polyp dumpster on you, continue up and go left. It is next to a dead body.
Bulletin Chapter 5 After entering actual maintenance bay, go down the stairs and take the left door.
Maintenance Manual Chapter 5 After the sub starts moving, go until you see stairs on the left. Go into the building and you will find it.
Clipping, Jacinto Sentinel    
Cog Tag Chapter 5 After going on the right path, cross over the ship until you reach ground level. Than go right and it i behind a dumpster.

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