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Name | Chapter | Location

Anvil Gate Plaque Chapter 1 Right behind you on the wall after you start.
Watercolor Painting Chapter 1 Take the right staircase and continue to the room with beds and it is on the wall.
Journal Chapter 1  
Sam's Father's Medals Chapter 1 Take the right staircase and follow it until it takes you to the left side. On your way, you will find it.
Cog Tag Chapter 1  
Panicked Note Chapter 4 After talking with the crazy man, go down the stairs and walk right. It is on the floor.
Message Chapter 4 After climbing the ladder to meet the stranded, go straight to the left and it is at the end of the hallway.
Air Raid Sign Chapter 4 After getting off of elevator, on the wal to the left.
Cog Tag Chapter 4 After the old man with explosives disappears, enter the store and follow the back rooms until you come across a downed vending machine. 

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