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Name                                                             Chapter                                            Location

Tomatoes: Beginner's Guide Chapter 1 Right when you start, walk around to the back of the shipping container and kick down the door. It will be inside of it.
Captain's Log Chapter 1  
Cog Tag Chapter 1  Behind the tent near the body (can be seen on the floor in the cutscene)
Locust Hammer Chapter 4 After evading the mortars, continue until there is a low wall with a flaming barrel. It will be on the other side of that wall.
Queen Symbol Chapter 5 After meeting with the queen, kill the locust and continue. Once you continue through the archway, there will be a door on your right that you can kick down. It is in there.
Cog Tag Chapter 2-5  
Manifest Chapter 6 After landing, go through the entrance and continue left to find the note.
Cog Tag Chapter 6 After obtaining the manifest, turn around and walk up the steps. In one of the rooms will be the cog tag.

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