Insane Difficulty Walkthrough - Gears of War 3

Teammate Weapon Switching Explained

Thanks to dfchang813 for the detailed explanation of how this works.

Throughout my guide, I use the 'exploit' where I give my teammate a powerful weapon (like a Boomshot or Torque Bow), because I believed they have infinite ammo with these power weapons. This is NOT TRUE. Towards the end of my guide, I noticed that my teammates would switch to a pistol and never switch back to their power weapons.

The easy (and short) solution to this problem is to give your teammates ONE power weapon, and one weapon that has LOTS of ammo (like the Lancer).

The detailed explanation for why your teammates get stuck with their pistols out:

You have a Boomshot with 5 shots and you give it to Baird for instance. You give it to him as a PRIMARY weapon. His secondary will be something like a Shotgun or Longshot, etc. Well, during a long drawn out fight (that happens frequently on Insane especially as we progress through the game) he will immediately run through his Boomshot ammo. In-game you can actually hear him say "I'm out" or "I need ammo." What does he do? He puts away the Boomshot and switches to his secondary weapons. But remember that since you took away his Lancer or Hammershot or whatever rifle he had as a primary, his secondary gun has very few bullets too Maybe 8 to 10 bullets for a Longshot or 18 Shotgun shells? What happens if you get unlucky and he uses up all the ammo for his secondary? Obviously all that's left is the pistol and he will then pull that out.

As you clear areas of enemies and hear that "gong" and then proceed through checkpoints, the ammo WILL REFILL but if a LONG, LONG firefight forces them to use up ALL their ammo on both the primary and secondary guns, then they are stuck with the pistol and so are you.

So how to rectifiy the problem? EASY. Simply exchange the weapons of your choice and give it to them as their SECONDARY gun. You press A instead of X to switch. Believe it or not, the AI is smart enough to immediately switch out the power weapons into hand even though you did a "secondary" gun switch. In other words if they have a Lancer and you change their shotgun with a Boomshot, guess what? They immediately switch the Boomshot in and put their Lancer away.

The beautiful thing about this of course is that once they use up the Boomshot, they'll put it away and out comes the Lancer with its 240 ammo. And you will NEVER run dry on those.

A checkpoint later, they all have refilled Boomshot ammo again for the next run.

Act 1

Chapter 1: Anchored

Chapter 2: Abandon Ship Part 1

Chapter 2: Abandon Ship Part 2

Chapter 2: Abandon Ship Boss Fight

Chapter 3: Homecoming Part 1

Chapter 3: Homecoming Part 2

Chapter 4: Helping Hand

Chapter 4: Helping Hand Boss Fight

Chapter 5: MVP

Chapter 6: Hanging by a Thread Part 1

Chapter 6: Hanging by a Thread Part 2

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Great guide, quality stuff. And I get that Gears and Resistance are bigger games and therefore, one would think, generate more traffic. But you should continue your Deus Ex guide, more people are going to need help with that game than with these shooters I think.

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I am goddamn loving Gears 3!  I can't wait to finish it then get furious at it on Insane (hopefully doing it 4 player co-op).

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Even though I only play the PS3, I have to say Gears has always been a favourite of mine, especially with its refreshingly masochistic difficulty options

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Thanks for the guide John. That zipline is a bitch.

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wow just watched dom the dumbass on youtube and felt like i had to do a facepalm that  was so terrible. also you guessed around 10 000 views, not even close it has 150 000 views

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Nice job John.


Looking forward to the rest, not done to bad on hardcore so far.


Slight spoiler**


just after the bit after the thing that jumps over the wall at last E3, that's going to be tough on insane



**spoiler over**


If you've not played it you'll not understand. Even if you've seen the video, you'll need to play to understand.

If you've played it you will understand.

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nice job jhon keep the new generation game tacoguides coming

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have a feeling that john's having trouble with this one

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jhon and dan what guides do you plan on doing for october

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Is this one of the harder games you've played in a good while?  Awesome walkthrough, I always make sure to "like" the videos regardless of whether it helps you or not.  Also, are you looking forward to Uncharted 3?

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You guys MUST do a multiplayer Drink along for Gears 3!  Same drinnking rules apply!

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my tv broke while playing this, and still can not afford a tv. Battlefield 3 is coming soon im gonna miss that big time..

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The day after I saw John's video about Carl Sagan and the gas barges my earth and space science class showed that very documentary he was referencing. i though that was pretty cool :)

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I never notice the heat is on until you guys mention it.

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Cheers for this guide, finally got around to playing this. 

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