Beginners Mini-Guide to Insane - Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 on Insane tips and strategies for (arguably) the most difficult sections in the game. This walkthrough, along with other 'Beginners Guides' I've made, are intended to seek out the 'easiest' path to beat levels, chapters, missions, etc with the least effort exerted. 'Mini-Guide' is a shorten version of my usual full guides and only concentrate on certain 'tough' areas in Gears of War 3. In my opinion all the other areas in the game can be beaten with sound game playing dexterity...or playing 'smart'. If you are having trouble with other parts that I did not cover in this mini-guide feel free to contact me at with your question, part you are in the game, and a description of your issue. Good luck and Godspeed. - R3b3LiNk




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