Act 3 - Gears of War 3

Chapter 1: Unbreakable

Chapter 2: Rescue

Chapter 3: Breakneck Run

Chapter 4: Ghost Town

Chapter 5: Brothers to the End

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Isn't it the "mulcher"? rather than the "grinder"?

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Zoolander quotes for the win.

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I love the Walkthroughs you guys do but I was watching through the chapter involving Dom's storyline and I just don't get why you had such disdain for it...Did you have as strong a dissatisfaction with the sketchy storyline of the Halo games? I don't even need to ask about Resistance. I feel like you had to enjoy the moment for what it was. A cheesy over the top action sequence in a cheesy over the top action game. Think about it...why do Transformers movies full of alien robots with advanced projectile weaponry have elaborate hand to hand combat sequences?

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