Act 2 - Gears of War 3

Chapter 1: Shipwreck Part 1

Chapter 1: Shipwreck Part 2

Chapter 2: House of Sand

Chapter 3: Forced Entry

Chapter 4: Trench Run Part 1

Chapter 4: Trench Run Part 2

Chapter 5: Hijack

Chapter 6: Airborne

Chapter 7: Touchdown

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Fuck chant.


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On insane for the brumak boss fight you can actually destroy the wrist mounted cannons and the rocket launcher on its back... just keep firing at each weapon until it blows up... should be sparks>flames>explosion... I managed to get both miniguns down but the rocket launcher wouldnt go down before the fight ended. In horde this is easily the BEST way to minimise damage if you get a brumak but dont want to kill it too early in the offchance another spawns in the wave.

Also perfect active reloads mostly increase damagebut for certain weapons (sawed off, scorcher, boltok pistol, one shot and boomshot) they have added effects or no extras effects at all other than a faster reload. The sawed off has no extra damage or effect, scorcher has a slightly longer range, boltok pistol fires faster, boomshot gives a larger explosion and the one shot will destroy boomshields and anything behind the boomshields.

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