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Achievement Value: 

This achievement probably sounds more difficult than it looks, even on Normal difficulty. Join a public game or create a private match with friends. Pick a small map where the enemies tend to group tightly, preferably one with few fortifications like Thrashball or Mercy.

Every human must be eliminated before time expires or the Locust lose, but the only penalty for losing is added time. Destroying barricades or downing/killing humans adds seconds to the clock and tokens to your wallet. The more tokens you earn, the more dangerous the Locust you can purchase., which you use to buy in as the various Locust. 

The more useful Locust include:

  • Wild Ticker - This little pest is best used for destroying barricades.
  • Savage Drone - His Retro Lancer is capable of dropping enemy forces with only a handful of rounds.
  • Kantus - The Kantus is best used for healing. Tapping X will heal your entire team on the battlefield. His Ink grenade is especially handy for paralyzing enemies on impact.
  • Giant Serapede - Vastly overpowered in my opinion. Relatively cheap with armored plating. Can down opponents in two hits.
  • Savage Grenadier - While the shotgun is not much use at a distance, the Savage Grenadier is the only class that carries infinitely respawning frag grenades.
  • Berserker - The most expensive Locust but also the deadliest. She runs straight through barricades and enemies, instantly killing them.
  • Armored Kantus - Essentially the same as the ordinary Kantus but with armor protection and dual Gorgon pistols. 

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