Act 5 - Gears of War 3

Chapter 1: Home Away from Home Part 1

Chapter 1: Home Away from Home Part 2

Chapter 2: Blackout Part 1

Chapter 2: Blackout Part 2

Chapter 3: Shattered Paradise Part 1

Chapter 3: Shattered Paradise Part 2

Chapter 4: Threshold

Chapter 5: Ascension Part 1

Chapter 5: Ascension Part 2

Chapter 5: Ascension Part 3

Chapter 6: Reckoning Part 1

Chapter 6: Reckoning Final Boss

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how come John didn't say anything after hearing Dan say: "I like it both ways..."??

4th video. 2:30 mark

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The guide was awesome. I finished the game before the guide was complete, but there were some checkpoints in the middle to late in the game that the guide really helped with. Thanks a lot.

RPGeesus's picture

A Dark Souls guide seems crazy.

So go for it, John!

Also, very nice guide. I've not finished Insane yet, but I was stuck fast at some points where this was super helpful, so thank you.

Adam Page's picture

Dark Souls? If you manage to complete that then no one will ever dare to question your manhood. Demon's Souls was utterly punishing

Aquapit's picture

Oooh, a Dark Souls guide.

Can't wait!

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cant wait for the dark souls guide that will be really fun

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Seriously 3.0 is insane.

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So, how do you get to the end, where you are fighting Myrrah and the monster bee is chomping the lamben weapon and you do not have a constant waves of theron guards shooting at you in addition to the monster bee and the little machine gun bees?

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They whip out the pistol when they run out of ammo, which happens during long fights, then they get it refilled at the end of a fight when the sound plays, like starting a new wave of horde.

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Great guide as always, commentary speaks for itself, so more cyber beer to keep you two oiled. Thanks again 888

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John was absolutely right, the final boss fight (last video) SUCKS!!!  All of the enemies only focus on you, re-spawn infinitely, and the Theron Guards can kill you instantly (even with just a malee, which never happens previous in the game).

3 things you need in order to beat it; 1) Patience, 2) Retro Lancer (which is only found at the very end of the previous chapter Ascension) and a whole lot of 3) Luck.

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