(6) Purple Wristband Events - Forza Horizon wiki


Event Title Route Type Restrictions Winnings
Bridgestone Valley Rush Point-to-Point Car Class B  
Rockstar Dirt raid Circuit Race Car Class A   
Yokohama Pro Tune Circuit Race Car Class A; Japanese   
Illest Speed Britannia Circuit Race Car Class S; United Kingdom   
Oakley Juggernauts Point-to-Point Car Class A; Sedan   
G-SHOCK Storm Run Circuit Race Car Class A; AWD   
Nissan Max Point-to-Point Car Class S; Nissan   
ADIDAS Rock Rage Circuit Race Car Class S; AWD   
Bondurant Super GP Circuit Race Car Class S   
Bose Speed Sraβe Point-to-Point Car Class A; German  
Chevrolet The Chevy Chase Circuit Race Car Class A; Chevrolet   
Bentley Charge Point-to-Point Car Class A; Bentley   
Chevron Sixties Speedway Point-to-Point Car Class A; 1960-1969   
Old Spice Mega Muscle Point-to-Point Car Class A; Younger than 1980; American   
Hailey Harper Street Race Car Class R3   

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