(4) Pink Wristband Events - Forza Horizon wiki


Event Title Route Type Restrictions Winnings
MINI Mayhem Circuit Race Car Class C; Mini  
Bondurant Pro Hatch Point-to-Point Car Class A; Hatchback; FWD  
Recaro Red Rock Rampage Circuit Race Car Class A; AWD  
HORIZON Mega Tune Point-to-Point Car Class A; Max 15 000Cr  
ADIDAS Lakeside Landslide Point-to-Point Car Class A; AWD  
G-SHOCK Ridge Rave Point-to-Point Car Class S  
VW Dub Club Circuit Race Car Class B; Volkswagen  
Dodge Brawl Circuit Race Car Class A; Dodge  
Goodyear Mountain Blast Circuit Race Car Class B  
Marko Baran Street Race Car Class S  

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