Chapter 13: The Final Battle - Final Fantasy IV

Zemus at Last - Prelude to Destiny Cut Scene

Finally at the core, the team arrives in time to see FuSoYa and Golbez battle Zemus. And Zemus is defeated!!! or is he....?


Zeromus and the Ultimate Final Battle

Having transformed, Zeromus has knocked everyone unconscious except for Cecil. Barely standing, the courageous Paladin stands before the ultimate evil. But he is not alone and his friends and loved ones make wishes and send him and the companions their strength. With it, the final battle for the universe and all living things begins...


End Game Cut Scenes Part 1

The epic journey has finally come to an end. See how the lives of those involved have changed.


End Game Cut Scenes Part 2


End Game Cut Scenes Part 3 and Credits

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