Chapter 12: The Moon's Core - Final Fantasy IV

Journey to the Moon's Core Part 1

In order to stop Zemus, the team decides to risk all and journey to the Moon's core to help Golbez and FuSoYa. The path is long and frought with ancient Lunerian magic, enemies, and loot!


Pale Dim Boss Battle for the Murasame Blade

Not all of the Lunerian treasures lie unguarded and Edge's first ultimate sword is guarded by a powerful foe, Pale Dim. And he is not happy at being woken up, especially by earthlings...


Journey to the Moon's Core Part 2

The journey to the Core continues...


Journey to the Moon's Core Part 3

and the journey still continues...


Wyvern Boss Battle and Cecil's Ultimate Sword

Cecil's ultimate sword, the crystal sword, lies protected by Wyvern, a deadly brother to Bahumut. Can the team pull victory from such a fierce foe?


Plague and D Lunar 2 Boss Battles

Nearly to the core, the team faces two battles for some valuable assets. The first is Kain's ultimate spear, the lance of white (holy lance) guarded by the Plague. The second is two ribbons for Rydia and Rosa, but the two D Lunar's guarding them are anything but pushovers.


Ogopogo Boss Battle and Finally to the Core

Edge's final sword, the ultimate blade of black, Masamune, is staunchly defended by Ogopogo. So close to the core now, can the team from earth win against these ancient horrors?

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