Chapter 11: Giant of Bab-il - Final Fantasy IV

The Big Whale and Answers on the Moon

The Mysidian elder has been wishing atop his tower ever since Cecil became a Paladin. With the team gathered, the wish is finally granted, and the Big Whale, a lost relic space airship, is given to the group. With it, they fly to the moon in the hopes of finally learning some answers about Golbez and the Crystals. But they might learn a little more than they expected...


Zero Hour: The Giant of Bab-il Appears

Returning to earth with the aid of the Lunarian, FuSoYa, the team arrives too late to stop Golbez. He activates the Giant of Bab-il and it begins its path of destruction upon the Earth. But the free peoples of the realms won't go down without a fight, and the friends and allies made by Cecil come to stop the giant, affording Cecil and his group a chance to sneak into the giant.


Inside the Giant and Showdown with the Four Fiends of the Elements

Working their way to the giant's core, the team is forced to do battle with the Four Fiends. But this time, the fiends have learned to join up, and a battle royal to decide the immediate fate of the Earth begins. Does Cecil and his friends have enough to stop the embodiment of evil, the Four Fiends?


Giant of Bab-il CPU Core Boss Fight

With the help of FuSoYa, the team has finally reached the Giant's core, which must be destroyed in order to stop the rampaging giant. But the core is not entirely defenseless...


Golbez Wakes Up Cut Scene

Enraged by Cecil's interference in his plans and the stopping of the Giant of Bab-il, Golbez confronts the team. But FuSoYa stops him by breaking the spell that has been controlling him. It turns out that Golbez was just a puppet as well! So who is this controlling power? And can the team stop some one even more powerful than Golbez?

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