Chapter 10: Sealed Cave - Final Fantasy IV

Tomra Dwarven Village

Returning to the Dwarven Castle, Cid adapts the new Falcon airship to fly over the magma allowing the team to explore other areas of the dwarven underground.


The Sealed Cave

The last remaining crystal is locked in a well defended place called the Sealed Cave. Full of traps and evil, the team braves its depths in the hopes of recovering the last crystal before Golbez does.


EvilWall Fight and Kain's Betrayal

After traversing the cave and its dangers, the group finally obtains the last crystal. But on the way out, there is one last trap they must defeat. However, despite all this, Golbez is not done and neither are the betrayals within the team...


Cid Saves the Day...Again!

Trapped in the Underground and having failed to guard the last crystal, Cid saves the distraught team by attaching a drill to the Falcon. With it, the team escapes the Underground and heads to the magic town Mysidia.

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