Chapter 09: Eblan - Final Fantasy IV

Enterprise Upgrade and the Castle of Eblan

After barely escaping the Tower of Bab-il and witnessing another friend fall, the team heeds Cids final request and takes the Enterprise up to the surface where his engineers upgrade it with a hook that can carry the hovercraft. With this the team flies to the destroyed and abandoned castle of Eblan, home to the former nation of ninja's.


Rescuing the Prince of Eblan

After exploring the Castle, the team uses the hovercraft to navigate the nearby shallows and discovers a cave. Within this cave is the remnants of the people of Eblan, who entreat Cecil and his group to find and save their lost, head strong prince who has gone to confront Rubicant, the final fiend of the elements.


The Tower of Bab-il Revisited

Having saved Prince Edge, the team uses his ninja prowess to re-enter the Tower of Bab-il on the surface. Together, they climb the remaining levels to the the crystal room.


Top of the Tower and Rubicant Fiend of Fire Boss Fight

Just before they enter, Edge and the team meet the King and Queen of Eblan, who have been transformed by Dr Lugae into terrible monsters. Even worse, the King and Queen regain their conscious mind, and Edge must watch his parents sacrifice themselves. In his anguish and rage over his Parents, Edge and the team assault Rubicant. The fight is devastating and hot!


Victory and A New Airship Cut Scene

After avenging Edge's parents, the team, in their celebration, inadvertently stumbles down a pit and is once again foiled from getting the crystals. Having fallen back into the underground, the team discovers another airship stored in the tower.

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