Chapter 08: Tower of Bab-il - Final Fantasy IV

Sneaking into the Tower of Bab-il

With the aid of the dwarves' tanks, the team sneaks into the tower of Bab-il. They climb and discover it is not as unguarded as they had hoped.


Dr. Lugae and Balnab Boss Fight

The crazed doctor, responsible for many horrible and monstrous creations, sends his pet Balnab to attack the team. He then decides to get serous and shows them why he is so dangerous.


Yang's Sacrifice

In the crazed doctor Lugae's final act, he attempts to use the giant super-cannon to destroy the dwarves. The group races to save them, but the cannon cannot be stopped. Yang, having fought so bravely, tricks Cecil and the others. He locks himself in the room and sacrifices himself to stop the cannon.

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