Chapter 07: The Underground - Final Fantasy IV

Opening the Way to the Underground

After making a daring escape from the collapsing Tower of Zot via the quick thinking of Rosa, the team takes stock of the situation. With Kain back, the team learns of Golbez's plan and the Key of Magma. They decide he must be stopped but are unsure of where to begin.


Calbrena and Golbez Fights

After solving the riddle of how to reach the underground and warning the king of the dwarves, the team realizes they are too late. Golbez has already infiltrated the castle. In the crystal room, the team faces the disturbing Calbrena, mindless evil dolls. After the fight, Golbez decides to end it all, but someone truly unexpected arrives to save the day.


Exploring the Dwarven Castle

After the loss of the Dark Crystal, the team decides to make an attempt upon the gathered crystals by sneaking into the tower of Bab-il while it is unguarded. They begin by exploring the dwarven castle and preparing for their dangerous mission.

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