Chapter 06: Crystal of Earth - Final Fantasy IV

Toria and Preparing for the Dark Elf

In order to save Rosa, the team must swap Toria's Crystal of Earth for Rosa. But Toria has lost the crystal to a nearby dark elf. To get it back, the team must gather supplies and receives an unexpected gift from a wounded friend.


The Dark Elf Cave

Without the aid of metals, the team attempts to retrieve the Crystal of Earth from the thieving dark elf. But the elf's magic is too strong and on the precipice of defeat, Edward plays his harp to nullify the elf's metallic magic and gives the team an opening.


Climbing the Tower of Zot

With the Crystal of Earth, the team follows Kain to the Tower of Zot where they must climb the tower to meet Golbez and save Rosa.


Magus Sisters Fiend of Air Boss Fight

Nearly to top of the tower, the team meets the Magus Sisters, the Fiend of Air. These three magical witches ambush Cecil with their devastating and indefensible Delta Attack. Can Cecil and the others survive?


Tellah's Rage and Exchanging for Rosa Cut Scene

Having bested the Magus Sister's, Cecil and the others make the exchange. But Golbez double crosses them and Tellah, mad with rage over his daughter's death, deals Meteo upon Golbez. Unfortunately, this magical feat is too much for the old sage. He fails to kill Golbez and succumbs. The blow to Golbez, however, broke the spell controlling Kain, who wakes up and leads Cecil to save Rosa just in time from a crushing death.


Valvalis Fiend of Air Boss Fight

After reuniting with Rosa, the team turns to head out of the tower. But the Magus Sisters, now joined as Valvalis, attack again in vengeance. But with the aid of the re-awakened Kain, the team might have enough to stop her.

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