Chapter 04: Paladin Cecil - Final Fantasy IV

Climbing Mt. Ordeals

With the aid of the gifted magic using twins, Palom and Parom, Cecil begins his quest to the summit of Mt. Ordeals to become a Paladin. Meanwhile, Golbez makes his move to eliminate Cecil before he can do so. But fortunately for Cecil, he meets an old powerful ally up the mountain.


Milon Fiend of Earth Boss Fight

Milon, one of the Four Fiends of the Elements, ambushes Cecil before he reaches the summit. The battle is fierce and Milon has a few tricks to play before it is all over.


Cecil Becomes a Paladin

After defeating Milon, Cecil and the others reach the holy temple on the summit. There, Cecil must face his toughest opponent yet, himself.


The Serpent Road to Baron Cut Scene

Cecil, now redeemed for his sins and given the power of light, has become a champion of good. With his magic wielding friends, they use the Serpent road to sneak into the town of Baron.

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