Chapter 03: Fabul - Final Fantasy IV

Mt. Hobbs and the Road to Fabul

Cecil and the team decide that the other crystals should be defended from Baron, so they must journey to Fabul, where the Crystal of Air resides. To get there, they must go over Mt. Hobbs. On the way, they come to the aid of an ambushed Karate Fighter, Yang of Fabul.


The Defense of Fabul

Part 1

Arriving just in time to warn the king of Fabul, the guys assist in defending Fabul from the Baron assault.


Part 2

The assault on Fabul continues and the attackers are forcing Cecil and the defenders to fall back. At the very last, they learn who is behind this aggression at a very high price.


After the Assault on Fabul

After the assault, Cecil and the others explore the castle, see to the wounded, and decide to attempt a daring rescue mission for Rosa and the Crystals by sailing to Baron.


The Ill-Fated Voyage to Baron Cut Scene

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