Chapter 02: Curing Rosa - Final Fantasy IV

Journey to Damcyan

Part 1

While recovering in Kaipo, Cecil learns that his beloved Rosa has fallen ill while following him to Kaipo. The only way to save her is to find the SandRuby, which is known by the kingdom of Damcyan. So Cecil and Rydia join forces and head north to find it.


Part 2

The journey to Damcyan and the curative SandRuby continues. Having met the great sage Tellah, the journey becomes easier but the team learns what lies at the end of the cave.


Octomam Boss Fight

At the end of the water cavern, the small band must defeat the Octomam in order to continue.


The Razing of Damcyan

After defeating Octomam, the enthusiastic group is nearly to Damcyan. They appear just in time to see the Red Wings of Baron completely raze the castle to rubble. Inside, Tellah learns the fate of his daughter and Cecil befriends the distraught Prince of Damcyan, Edward.


Cave of the Antlion

To get the SandRuby, Cecil, Rydia, and Edward must brave the cave of the tame Antlion where the ruby is made. However, they find the cave and the antlion hardly to be tame.


Kaipo Revisited and Rosa Cured

With the SandRuby retrieved, the group rushes back to Kaipo with the aid of Edwards hovercraft. There, Rosa is saved and Edward learns to deal with the death of Anna, his lost love and finds the courage to continue helping Cecil.

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