Barkenator's FF4 U.S. Guide - Final Fantasy IV

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About this Guide

This guide shows the complete game from start to finish, with cut scenes and dialog sequences. While the game is fairly linear, there are times when players can go on side quests for additional abilities or equipment. The side quests are also completed and when they become available, the videos denote when players can branch to complete them.

This guide shows you:

  • The complete game walkthrough from start to end
  • All of the optional side quests and extra equipment

Note About the Recording:

The game does involve a random encounter system which constitutes the bulk of the games interactions and how players advance their character's abilities and levels. While this is fun during game play, it makes things much more difficult and confusing for a walkthrough. Therefore, to assist focusing the guide about the important aspects, such as boss battles and plot advancements, these random encounters were omitted. The game was recorded on a SNES emulator that used Game Genie codes to eliminate the random encounters. Aside from this, no other cheats were used to affect the outcome or playing of the game.

Since there are multiple versions of this game across many platforms and several re-releases, this walkthrough is for the original U.S. Final Fantasy II release for the SNES system. If you have a more recent version or re-release of the game, there may be points or aspects that do not match up, so please keep this in mind.

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