Memory to Spare (All Memory Card Locations) - Achievement / Trophy Guide - Far Cry 3


Achievement / Trophy Name: Memory to Spare - 20G / Silver

Achievement / Trophy Description: Gather all the Memory Cards.


*This Guide only contains a Video Guide because it involves acquiring collectible items in the game. We think it is unnecessary to have a Text Guide, explaining even briefly, where all of the Memory Cards in the game are located. Although, a Timeline will be provided below which you can follow along with (if you only need certain Memory Cards left to collect, instead of all of them) while watching our Video Guide. The Video Guide is guaranteed to help! Please comment if you have any questions, and let us know if the Guide was helpful. Thank you.*


Although there is no Text Guide for this Achievement / Trophy because it involves acquiring collectible items (Memory Cards in this case), we will put a timeline and some additional information below, just to make things easier for you. Enjoy!


Extra Information: There are a total of 20 Memory Cards in the game you can collect. Each Memory Card can be found at an Outpost, inside the room with a red door and which also has a store inside (you'll automatically be in this type of room once you fast travel to any outpost). At any store, you can also purchase an "Item" map which will reveal the locations of every single 'Letter of the Lost' and 'Memory Card' in that area/region. Each Item Map costs $500 each.


"So what is the point of making a video then?"


Well, the video is intended for people who simply want to collect the Memory Cards faster or who do not have enough money to purchase all of the Item maps from a store. If you only need a certain amount of Memory Cards left to collect, and you don't know which ones, just press 'START' on your controller and go to your HANDBOOK. Then go to your Collectibles and access your Memory Cards. After that, refer to the timeline located below and skip to that part in the video to save you time!


* The Memory Cards in the video are collected IN ORDER. Memory Card 1 of 20 is collected first, Memory Card 2 of 20 is collected second, and so on! *


Memory Card Timeline (in order from which they are found):

Northern Island (Memory Cards 1-13):

Memory Card 1 of 20: 0:48 - Orphan Point

Memory Card 2 of 20: 1:32 - Welshore Wrecker's House

Memory Card 3 of 20: 2:09 - Amanaki Outpost

Memory Card 4 of 20: 2:48 - Northview Gas

Memory Card 5 of 20: 3:36 - Rust Yard

Memory Card 6 of 20: 4:19 - Cliffside Overlook

Memory Card 7 of 20: 5:06 - Old Mines

Memory Card 8 of 20: 5:50 - AM 12

Memory Card 9 of 20: 6:41 - Hubert Shore Power

Memory Card 10 of 20: 7:26 - Broken Neck Home

Memory Card 11 of 20: 8:11 - Camp Murder

Memory Card 12 of 20: 8:56 - Kell's Boat Repairs

Memory Card 13 of 20: 9:43 - Nat's Repairs


Southern Island (Memory Card 14-20):

Memory Card 14 of 20: 10:30 - Lazy Shore Marina

Memory Card 15 of 20: 11:17 - Bridge Control

Memory Card 16 of 20: 12:00 - Spine Ridge Site

Memory Card 17 of 20: 12:47 - Longshore View

Memory Card 18 of 20: 13:33 - North Krige Crest

Memory Card 19 of 20: 14:26 - Maw Docks & Repairs

Memory Card 20 of 20: 15:14 - Satellite Communication Hub


Hope this helps! Thank you.


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