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Achievement / Trophy Name: Free Fall - 5G / Bronze

Achievement / Trophy Description: Freefall more than 100m and survive (Single Player only).


*You can choose to either read a Text Guide or watch a Video Guide which will be provided below. Both Guide methods are guaranteed to help! Please comment if you have any questions, and let us know if the Guide was helpful. Thank you.*


Text Guide:

This Text Guide will explain how you can unlock this Achievement / Trophy easily, by doing either of the 2 methods explained below. These 2 methods are the easiest I have found:

First method: You can do this method as soon as you Liberate the 'Amanaki Outpost' on the Northern Island. You will want to head NORTH of the Amanaki Outpost where you'll find a large Sink Hole Pond (large blue circle north of the Outpost on your map). Once you're there, look for the highest possible cliff you can jump off of there. When you're ready, jump off the highest point and make sure to NOT touch ANY BUTTONS when falling. You don't want to risk performing the diving action. If you perform the diving action, you will NOT unlock this Achievement / Trophy.

Second method: Surprisingly, a lot of people have had trouble unlocking this at the Sinkhole Pond North of the Amanaki Outpost. So I discovered an easier way to unlock this Achievement / Trophy... and a method which will make SURE that you unlock it :) The second method will require you to gain access to the Southern Island. The first time you will gain access to the Southern Island is on the 28th story mission in the game called "Fly South". During that mission, you will unlock the Wing Suit and the Parachute (which you will need for the jump).

Anyways, when you're on the Southern Island, head over to an Outpost on the Western side called "Gaztown". Then head West of the Outpost, along the main road until you reach a turn and see a wodden road barrier. Simply jump off, activate your Wing Suit by pressing Left Stick once, then 2-3 seconds after activating your Suit, press 'A' (or X for PS3) to open your Parachute. Once you've opened your Parachute, hold your Left Stick forward so you can reach the water faster. Once you get passed the last few rock formations in the water (shown in the video), let go and make sure to NOT touch ANY BUTTONS when falling. Your Achievement / Trophy should then unlock when you hit the water!

There will be many other guides which will show you the locations of HANG GLIDERS where you can launch off of mountains and potentially unlock the Achievement / Trophy, but a lot of the time, the Hang Gliders aren't there (like they are in the guys' video), or you end up being too low.

I hope this has helped you! Please us know if this has helped by commenting or by clicking on the + Icon on the main page of this guide. Thank you :)


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